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We have a wide range of experience when it come to weddings. We love them. Why? Because they are fun. Everything about the day has to be fun. Dealing with the nervous bride is fun. Filming the messy bedrooms on the morning in the bridal house, the giggling bridesmaids in their dressing gowns, the father of the bride trying to put his flower on his suit and failing miserably, the lads trying to tie ribbons on the cars….. all great fun.

But the serious side to it is capturing every single thing that happens on the day without imposing ourselves. Our approach to a wedding DVD is that it is a film about the whole day. Everything is captured. So many fun things happen during the day that the bride and groom don’t see. We don’t get anyone to pose. We film what happens. We don’t take 100 different angles of your dress, that’s the photographers job. We film your guests having the cráic in the bar and the bridesmaids and grooms men laughing while you are being photographed.

It is very important for us to have a good rapport with your guests. Most of our business comes from couples who were guests at a wedding that we covered. We want them to be at ease and not annoyed by a camera constantly in their face. Everything is filmed at a distance.

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